The new delhi sketches by harminder nijjar

Project name: The New Delhi Sketches Architecture firm: Harminder Singh Nijjar Location: Fictional Tools used: DALL·E 2 Principal architect: Harminder Singh Nijjar Concept: Design Typology: Present Architecture

The New Delhi Sketches are a series of images generated by DALL·E 2, an artificial intelligence text-to-image generator. The sketches were created by feeding DALL·E 2 with the description "living conditions."

The sketches highlight the pressing need for better urban planning to improve the living conditions of millions of people in cities. Overcrowding and poor living conditions are systemic problems arising from the haphazard way cities are built.

India has over 1.3 billion people, and the population will only increase in the future. Having a large population means that the need for better urban planning is more urgent than ever. These sketches highlight the need for better urban planning. Since the 1950s, India's urban population has grown exponentially, leading to overcrowding, pollution, and infrastructure issues. Haphazard city planning causes many problems. The government, businesses, and citizens must work together to improve India's urban planning and create livable, prosperous, and sustainable cities.

Lastly, the sketches demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence to generate realistic images from textual descriptions. This is a valuable ability as it can help create visuals for things that are difficult to describe with words alone. This can be immensely helpful in medicine, architecture, and engineering. Additionally, it can help create realistic images for things that do not exist, such as in the case of scientific research.

![[DALL·E 2022-10-13 18.58.34 - living conditions .png]]![[DALL·E 2022-10-13 18.59.32.png]]![[DALL·E 2022-10-13 19.00.02.png]]![[DALL·E 2022-10-13 19.00.37.png]]![[DALL·E 2022-10-13 19.01.05.png]]

Last update: November 18, 2023
Created: October 12, 2023