Haystack is a framework designed to help you easily build search systems that can handle extensive document collections. With Haystack, you can use various NLP models to perform tasks such as retrieval, question answering, reranking, and more. Additionally, Haystack makes it easy to load and query data from various databases, such as Elasticsearch, Milvus, FAISS, SQL, and more. Haystack is scalable, so you can deploy it via a REST API to handle millions of documents. Finally, Haystack provides all the necessary tools to help you annotate examples, collect user feedback, evaluate components, and finetune models.

Haystack is a library that enables developers to build customizable and production-ready search pipelines. The library offers different Nodes that perform different kinds of text processing, which can be combined into Pipelines. The Pipelines can be deployed as a REST API, connecting Haystack to a user-facing GUI. The Nodes in Haystack are often powered by the latest transformer models and enable systems to search based on word meaning rather than string matching. The different levels on which you can interact with the components in Haystack (i.e., Nodes, Pipelines, and REST API) allow for great customization and flexibility when building search systems.

Last update: November 18, 2023
Created: October 12, 2023