Click on the "Submit timesheet for {date}" button. ![[CDWA_d6GOkU03Jj.png]]

Click on the personal care slot that correlates to today's date to submit your shift time.![[chrome_us0wvFhcaV.png]]

Before inputting the time worked for a specific day, ensure that a minimum of two tasks are selected, preferably "Housework" and "Meal Preparation." ![[chrome_x2luFKkrpZ.png]]

  1. Submit the timesheet with both the hours and minutes filled.![[chrome_wXyLyvVzQm.png]]

Click "OK" to accept CDWA's Medicaid Fraud attestation. ![[chrome_RayidmQXNZ.png]]

Congratulations on successfully submitting the timesheet! There will be a green pop-up in the upper right hand of the webpage as a confirmation. ![[chrome_pavnELYfbo.png]]

Exit out of the Chrome instance if there are no more shifts to submit.

Last update: November 18, 2023
Created: October 12, 2023