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Feature Request: Improving Documentation


This feature focuses on enhancing the existing documentation of the project, making it more comprehensive, user-friendly, and accessible. It includes updating the current guides, adding new tutorials, and providing clear examples for better understanding.


  • Medium Priority: Improved documentation is vital for both new users and experienced developers, facilitating easier navigation and understanding of the system.

Implementation Plan

1. Assessing Current Documentation

  • Objective: Identify gaps, outdated information, and areas that need clarification in the existing documentation.
  • Method: Review the current documentation, gather feedback from users, and create a list of areas for improvement.

2. Updating Existing Guides

  • Objective: Revise and update existing guides to reflect the latest changes and best practices.
  • Method: Collaborate with developers to ensure that the documentation aligns with the current codebase and functionalities.

3. Creating New Tutorials and Examples

  • Objective: Provide step-by-step tutorials and clear examples to assist users in understanding how to use the system.
  • Method: Work with experienced users and developers to create practical examples and tutorials.

4. Enhancing Accessibility

  • Objective: Make documentation accessible to a broader audience, including non-technical users.
  • Method: Use simple language, add visual aids, and ensure that the documentation is available in different formats.

Technical Considerations

  • Language: English, with potential translations into other languages.
  • Tools: Markdown, documentation generators like Sphinx or Jekyll.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the documentation is viewable on different devices and browsers.
  • Testing: Regularly review and update the documentation to keep it current.
  • Collaboration: Engage with the community for feedback and contributions.


-[ ] Week 1-2: Assessing current documentation and identifying areas for improvement. - [ ] Week 3-4: Updating existing guides and aligning them with the latest changes. -[ ] Week 5-6: Creating new tutorials and examples. -[ ] Week 7-8: Enhancing accessibility and final review.


Improved documentation is essential for the growth and sustainability of the project. It not only helps new users to get started quickly but also supports experienced developers in understanding the more complex aspects of the system. A systematic approach, collaboration with the community, and regular updates will ensure that the documentation remains an invaluable resource for all users.

Last update: February 5, 2024
Created: November 18, 2023